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Predisposing factors for the development of this myiasis are diseases of the anal region, uncleanliness.

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Sometimes you can see the subcutaneous migration of these parasites. The larvae move quite quickly, they can move up to 24 cm in a day. In appearance, these passages look like scratches that are in the healing stage.

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As the larva grows and begins to molt, it acquires a capsule. This capsule causes an infiltrate.

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It is necessary to pull out the larva very carefully, not allowing it to break. Otherwise, the exit site of the larva may become infected, suppuration develops, which leads to an extensive abscess.

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The disease has an acute form. For its development and transformation into a sexually mature individual, the larva actively feeds on connective tissue. It can also penetrate into the deeper layers of the tissue. With abundant colonization, tissues are eaten to the bone.

Swallowed eggs, larvae move through the gastrointestinal tract and enter the large intestine. They do not parasitize in the intestinal mucosa. Often the infection is asymptomatic. However, with intensive invasion, the number and type of parasites, signs of the disease may appear.

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In rare cases, parasites can enter the bloodstream into the brain, heart. In this case, a lethal outcome is possible. Prescribing laxatives. Reception of anti-nematode drugs.

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Washing the urinary organs with an antiseptic solutionohm

Since flies are also carriers of worms, the treatment is carried out in a complex manner. With oral infection, the parasites penetrate into the gums, tissues of the oral cavity. In children, the course of the disease is severe.

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Mechanical removal of parasites

Upon contact with the skin of the larva, an infiltrate is formed. This infiltrate grows and a knot is formed that looks like a boil. This boil contains a larva and contains the products of its excretion. A characteristic feature of prednisolone a boil is a hole for free breathing of the larva.